Welcome to Decoding Static home to my writing, art and photography. I write not out of a desire to tell stories, but a need to understand, to develop meaning and connect with myself, others and life. I view myself more often than not as an outsider, after a long struggle I have found this to be a place where I am comfortable. As an outsider I have developed an interest in the place of the individual in society and the responsibility we need to take for our existence and desired freedom. The behaviours that result from such responsibility or the shrugging of it form the basis of much of my writing, art and photography via the themes of love, loneliness, despair, hope and the individual. I believe creativity is at its most beautiful when it challenges; I want people to stop, think and feel.

Living Room Stories was my first release, handmade and kindle editions are available. My first book tearing at thoughts, a collection of writing, art and photography, is published by 79 rat press as part of their NOTHING TO SAY exhibition. I am currently working on Deception, a novel about the struggle for the survival of the self.

I hope you enjoy what you find here. Comments and interaction are encouraged.

If you wish to say hello or are interested in discussing my work please contact me via email: decodingstatic@gmail.com or @decodingstatic on twitter.